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Currently there is a prevailing school of thought originating from recent economic trends where the American worker is faced with fewer job opportunities with less security of long term employment. Workers strive for a balance between self-preservation, job satisfaction and self-actualization. Consequently there is a GROWING WAVE OF FREELANCERS comprising the American workforce. In the light of this current condition, do you attract and keep highly talented employees, whether new or experienced? 


Organizations need individuals more than individuals need organizations. Free lancers will make up to 40%-50% of our workforce

(, 2010) 




Do your hiring, retention and development strategies support the needs of your business relative to these times?


Is it more cost effective to grow employees internally or hire/buy your talent?


The employee new to their career wants to "find a home" while the more experienced employee wants to find more meaning and use their experience. Work life balance is an issue throughout the employee lifecycle.


How do you handle retention in this climate of freelancing?


Does your strategy engage your employees throughout the employee lifecycle via your culture, benefits, and management? 


How committed are you to creating challenging opportunities and growth potential as you remain flexible to address the changes in your market? Employees stay engaged and committed when they see opportunities for challenge and growth.


Engagement is beneficial to the individual and the organizationWhen the right people are in the right place at the right time, engagement happens. There is a higher return on investment for the individual and the organization when talent is facilitated.



Fillmon & Associates offers design, set-up and delivery of in-house talent management programs such as:


Career services for early career direction


Career transition for experienced professionals


What to offer to your experienced professionals so as to retain and grow their talent?


Employability Skills


Resume writing, and interviewing, for in-house career advancement


New hire integration programs


Leadership program design and implementation


Performance consulting


Knowledge continuity


Talent management




Retention programs





Manager as Coach

Train the Coach

Coaching program design


Facilitation Services


Existing in-house curriculum

Purchased curriculum

Train the Trainer/Facilitator








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